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Customer Reviews for Valley Auto Center

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Name : Tim Tinsley
PALMDALE California

Very nice, Great peoples. I was well informed and am completely satisfied.

Name : Monique Anderson
Los Angeles CA

My experience here at Valley Auto Center was great. If i have someone looking for a car I would definitely recommend you guys. Eric was very helpful, He did everything in his power to make sure I was happy. Eric walked me through everything and made sure I had every detail. I can't think of anything you guys could do better!

Name : Tiffany Battle
palmdale california

I had an amazing experience, Nick really helped me and I'm glad I stopped by. The staff was very helpful to me and I was kept very informed. I don't have any complaints, Nick was very helpful.

Name : C Lowther
PALMDALE California

The experience here was pleasant and accommodating. Eric did a wonderful job making us feel comfortable buying our car. Other dealerships wouldn't help us with financing

Name : Skyler Cohen
Palmdale CA

They laid out my options and tried hard to complete each one. Very informative on what was needed from me and gave me tips on how to boost my credit score. They were very helpful and even stayed late to help me complete the deal. They went over everything twice and showed me the Carfax.........THREE TIMES (thumbs up). The only thing you could do better is offer a race course or off road test drive course, hahaha. I've never been to another dealership before and now I don't need to.

Name : Earl Crowder
Lancaster CA

Great customer service, the team was very patient and help us make a great decision. The staff made sure everything was set and ready to go, making sure we had all our paperwork we needed. I stayed informed with the whole process and correct steps. Was very helpful. I can't recommend anything to do better, you all were great and helping us purchase something great for our family.

Name : Ryniecha Anderson
Lancaster CA

I had a pleasant experience with great customer service and positive attitudes. The staff was very helpful and attentive, each step from beginning to end was very clear.

Name : Jennifer Bradley
Rosamond CA

We had a very good experience at Valley Auto Center! They helped get a car at our price and no more walking for us. The team answered all our questions and were very friendly. They are the most awesome people I have ever dealt with :)

Name : Iris Aguilar
Lancaster CA

My experience here at Valley Auto Center was awesome, Nick was and has been a great help and Debbie's help both are amazing. Very helpful and 1 to1. I give the staff a 10. The reason why is because Nick showed us cars and helped us find our needs even after hours. Debbie has been a great help on working on our finances. Camacho Auto Sells is the worst stop I ever had. Doesn't compare to the staff you have here.

Name : Jesus Gomez
Palmdale CA

My experience at Valley Auto Center was a good one, very happy with the service. The staff was helpful and answered all my questions. I was well informed about all the process.

Name : Terell Newby
Palmdale CA

It was very professional. The staff made me feel very special. The staff was extremely helpful and very attentive to my needs, all bases were covered. At other dealerships they were not profession, did not communicate clearly what was expected. They took too long to get me approved.

Name : Samir
LANCASTER California

Honest dealership letting me know the history of the car

Name : Frank
PALMDALE California

Debra at Valley Auto Center was great. Very nice and responsive. I did buy the CTS from them and am very happy! Thank you

Name : Keri Free
Lancaster CA

My experience was wonderful! The customer service exceeded my expectations. The staff was very helpful! I was also impressed with Nicholas, he remembered my name when I came back a couple of days later. I was kept very informed and can't recommend any changes. This was my best car buying experience!

Name : Grace Bird
Lancaster CA

I had an awesome experience. Nick, Spencer, and Edgar answered all of my questions and concerns about all vehicles including other competitors. They showed me vehicles that fits my lifestyle and I appreciate that. All the other dealerships tried to put me in a small car knowing that I needed a mid-size/suv. I would be happy to recommend Valley Auto Center to everyone looking for their next car.

Name : Florencio Bermudez
PALMDALE California

My purchasing experience at Valley Auto Center was a delightful experience. I received friendly service, great help with finance, and flexibility of payments. The staff kept me well-informed and competent about every aspect of my car buying experience. I felt pressured at other car dealers. I would be happy to recommend Valley Auto Center to a friend

Name : vanessa molina
quarts ca

Thank you to the entire staff for your patience and help by taking the time to really help during my car search. You all have 50 star rating from me. Absolutely recommend valley auto to anyone. Thanks Deborah, Edgar, Nick and extended family staff.

Name : Nicole Talesfore
Tehachapi CA

We had an absolutely amazing experience. Loved Valley Auto Center! We will be coming back here for our next vehicle. All the staff was helpful, Nick was great! They made everything easily understandable. I don't think there is anything at all they can do differently.

Name : Dean S
Lancaster CA

We NEEDED a good car...we got a GREAT car...and an even GREATER deal! Edgar and Debra were FANTASTIC! And we will be going back...soon!

Name : Jamesia Walley
Palmdale CA

My experience at Valley Auto Center was nice, long but worth it. The people there were very helpful. I was informed about the sales process the whole time I was there. They made me feel comfortable. I want Valley Auto Center to keep up the good work. Other dealerships tried to make me purchase a car that I did not like nor want. Good job Valley Auto Center, I will recommend you to everyone.

Name : Bert Fundak
Palmdale CA

Everyone was very good and helpful here. The staff was attentive to my needs and kept me informed. I cant think of anything they could do better, the process was very smooth. At a different dealership the salesman not only tried to rip me off but got verbally upset at me when he found out I bought a car from someone else then hung up on me. I would recommend Valley Auto Center to my friends and relatives.

Name : Breyette Charles
Lancaster CA

My purchase at Valley Auto Center was time consuming but well worth the wait. The staff was very helpful and patient and wanted to make sure I was happy. There was a few misunderstandings during the sales process but I made sure there were no confusions before I left. The only thing Valley Auto could do better is update the website faster. After I left Camacho I felt swindled. I would recommend this place to others.

Name : Shuane Bierra
Lancaster CA

I enjoyed purchasing my car at the Valley Auto center, everyone was nice and straight forward. They explained everything to me. I understood my payments and I love the car. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends.

Name : Megan Johnson
Lancaster CA

It was an awesome car buying experience at Valley Auto Center, very friendly staff and great pricing. Edgar, Frank and Debra were great! My only complaint is that it could have been a little more organized but went well, you guys were great. At other dealerships the cars were dirty and broken as well as overpriced. None of these problems here.

Name : Nehemiah Burnett
Lancaster CA

It was great shopping at Valley Auto, they were very helpful and professional. They did their job very well. The staff was attentive even when they were busy they let me know I wasn't forgotten. They kept me informed about everything I needed to know and assisted me the whole way through. I think they were very good at providing information to me. We bought a car from Sun Auto and it kept breaking down and they did not honor their warranty. I would recommend Valley Auto Center to a friend.

Name : Christopher Alcorn
Lancaster CA

My experience at Valley Auto Center was much better than Camacho!!!! Everyone was helpful and I was kept informed. I am a satisfied customer. Camacho tried to over price me so Valley Auto beat their price by far.

Name : Tonya Johnson
Lancaster CA

I had a good experience with Valley Auto Center purchasing my 2004 Honda Crv. Everyone was really helpful and I was well informed throughout my purchase.

Name : JT Morales
Lancaster CA

I had an easy and pleasant car buying experience. The staff was very helpful and answered all my questions. I have been to other dealers and had rude sales people and got the feeling that it was all about them making a sale and not about helping me find what I want. I would recommend Valley Auto Center to others

Name : Alexander Petty
Lancaster CA

My experience at Valley Auto Center was great, everyone was very helpful and nice. The staff was attentive to all my needs. Every detail was well described to me. My purchase was well explained and easy to understand. I have not had a negative experience at another dealer but not one as good as I had here. I would recommend Valley Auto Center to a friend or relative.

Name : Josefina Briseno
Quartz Hill CA

Edgar and Deborah were very kind and helpful. Our experience was great. We had been denied at other dealerships but were financed here thanks to Deborah being consistent and giving us her best hand

Name : Aimee Marroquin
Lancaster CA

My purchase experience at Valley Auto Center was interesting and good, I felt like I was treated well. The staff created a homey/family environment. I was made aware of how a dealership worked. I have had bad experiences at Camacho and I was scared going into the purchase but I am very happy with my 03 Explorer and the way I was treated.

Name : Jasmin Dominguez
Lancaster CA

Valley Auto Center was very helpful, trustworthy and I believe I received a great deal. The staff helped me find a deal that worked best for me. They kept me informed throughout the sales process. I was provided enough information to purchase my 2003 Hyundai Accent.

Name : shantae Moody
Lancaster ca

valley auto center is the best! the customer service was excellent.if you are looking to purchase a car I would highlyrecommendVALLEY AUTO CENTER THEY ARE THE BEST!

Name : Jalynn Davis

My experience on Valley Auto Center was amazing! I am so glad we came to you guys and bought a car from you guys. Excellent service! Nicholas did an amazing job and was so helpful. They made me understand everything that was going on in the sales process. I would recommend Valley Auto Center to a friend.

Name : V Yaakoub
Palmdale CA

This was my first time buying a car. They made me feel very comfortable with my experience. Everybody was helpful, respectful, and polite.

Name : Steven Smith
Lancaster CA

My purchase at Valley Auto Center was fairly simple. They told me exactly what I needed to Succeed.

Name : A McCullock
Lancaster CA

The staff at Valley Auto Center was extremely helpful and attentive to my needs.

Name : Janice Hill
Lancaster CA

Valley Auto Center, I thought, was refreshing! I was listened to as to my price and needs. They worked with me in the purchase of my vehicle.

Name : Donald Wright
Lancaster Ca.

I have been a customer of Valley Auto Center for several years now. On Jan. 22, 2013 i bought my 5th vehicle from them. I am completely satisfied with my purchase of a Chevrolet Trailblazer. I am so satisfied with Valley Auto Center that i even brought my sister in to purchase her vehicle. She lives in Bakersfiels, Ca, and is also satisfied with valley auto. She is eventually going to bring her son and daughter to purchase their first car from valley auto center, and see what a great deal they can get from valley auto. This is truly a family oriented company. Don is a very stisfied customer.

Name : Linda Belvitt
lancaster ca

Easy being financed, sales associate was excellent, courteous and friendly. Made transaction simple and fast.

Name : Lilli Djallali


Name : Jordan Eisenman
Lancaster CA

I had to retire my 1999 Saturn with the state of California due to it being unable to pass smog. I always drove by Valley Auto Center being that the dealership was located near where I live. During the past couple of years hard times with the economy have taken its toll, but walking on the lot for my first time I saw that there was no pressure. I went in and I was greeted by Debra and the other sales team and I was given a detailed list of all the cars on the lot showing the pricing of each which was a no hassle price. The cars I will say are all used, but due to my situation I needed a car, and I did not want to pay dealer pricing that was completely way out in left field.
I went to all of the car dealers up and down Sierra Highway trying to see where I could get my best value and I returned and spoke with Debra who is the manager and she made me feel that I could make a deal. I found a 2000 Honda Civic in excellent condition, and I was able to get a 3 year loan from a real finance company not a company that wants cash every two weeks for a car that would risk being in the shop. Yes the tires were new and the interior was in pristine condition. I was even able to interact with the mechanic that they have on location that even went over the car with me.
I will highly recommend this dealer to anyone that needs a car regardless of your personal situation. They will get you financed with a real company that will actually report to the credit bureau. I recommend that you have all of your paperwork that they ask for, because there are stipulations that are involved in any car deal that are needed to get you financed. I wish Valley Auto success and a long life. Thank you to the ownership and their excellent sales staff.
Best regards,

Jordan Eisenman

Name : Paul
Simi Valley Ca

They are very good. With high quality cars and a very friendly staff. i have sent family and friends to them from now on

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